Premier Dust Seeker™ Disposable Dust Mop

4-ply twisted, clean white cotton yarns. Ideal dust mop for schools, bids and other areas where price and good performance is critical.

  • 4-ply cotton yarn for long lasting use
  • Heavy duty typar backing for durability
  • Slot pocket design holds the frame in place
  • Pre-treated for superior dust collection
  • Dust Mop Can be re-treated
  • Not launderable

Premier Dust Seeker™ Disposable Dust Mop
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Case Pack 12, 6
Size 5×12, 5×18, 5×24, 5×30, 5×36, 5×42, 5×48, 5×60, 5×72
Color White, Blue, Green, Orange

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Premier Dust Seeker™ Disposable Dust Mop
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